Sunday, November 16, 2008

24 Pottery Students: Session #3

Tuesday - Applying Clear Glaze

This took us 3 hours to glaze, clean up, and load 75 pottery pieces! I don't think we realized how long it would take to complete the task.

Saturday Pottery Class: Session #3

Relationship Building: Yoga - a parent led us in many yoga poses while we waited for students to arrive.

Kiln Viewing - we walked down to a science room to see the kiln - I explained how it worked and answered questions

Pottery Wheel Demonstration - I threw a large vase, closed the top, and cut it off the wheel and cut it in half. I originally thought I would bring one whell for demonstration purposes. Later, I change my mind and brought in two of my wheels.

4 - Pottery Rotations

1) Add picture to frame and add string for hanging
2) Paint self hardening class from last time
3) Create with self hardening clay
4) Pottery wheel experience - I centered the clay - the students put a hole in the center and pulled the clay out. Everyone ended up having 2 turns at doing this

Final Reactions - I'm so glad I brought in an extra wheel. For some of these students, this was the first time they had ever been on a wheel. Their faces told the whole story. I talked to the principal about offering another wheel/hand building class - 2 sessions - smaller class size!


gordon donnelly said...

Great to read about so much involvement from so many age groups & interests.
Yours is a very practical world striving to express creativity.
All the best,

Ghost said...

I was wondering why I didn't see you at Harambee, since I work there, but then realized that you had started on a Saturday. Are you there now teaching a bridges class? This is a great experience for the kids. I've always enjoyed the pottery classes that I've taken and may be doing some during my visit to Pennsylvania next week.