Sunday, November 16, 2008

24 Excited Potters - Session #2

Tuesday - Bisque Firing
It took 2 hours to load and learn how to fire the kiln for the first time at Harambee - I had to go to Continental Clay to get the correct firing cones. I had to take some of the pottery home so my industrial strength fan could blow on the pieces overnight. I'm very surprised none of the pieces cracked in the bisque firing because some of them were very thick in spots. I put them in the kiln at my house and put them on a soak for 2 hours at 125 and then for 3 hours at 185. All of the pieces fired on Tuesday. All of the pottery pieces were close to - cone 04. They were cool enough to take out for the Sat morning class.

Saturday Pottery Class #2

Relationship Building Activities: Thumb Grab, Get to Know You Cards, Do This-Do That
Pottery Centers:

Paint Picture Frame (the principal took photos of the students at work)
Glaze Pottery
Create with Self Hardening Clay

Closing Activities: Group "Teddy Bear" Juggle

The students were very engaged the whole time. I was happy to see the principal helping out with relationship activities and helping the students with their projects - I didn't know she was the principal until the end of class.

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