Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pottery Class Projects-11/2008

My students created some wonder projects. I used Duncan Concepts underglazes and Duncan's clear dipping glaze.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

NEMEN: Sat - 11.22.08

Northeast Metro Educators' Network - Technology Leaders Conference: listed below are my reflections, links, and information learned from this technology conference.

Can embed pictures/slides using animoto
Online Portfolio

Social Networking - Look Into

Classroom 2.o
Ning in Education

Online Learning - Stillwater, MN

Technology Change:
  • Business Organizations ➙ New Business Opportunities ➙ Fulfill Customer Needs
  • Education Organizations ➙ New Learning Opportunities ➙ Charter Schools/Online Learning
Extending the Classroom - Mathematics

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cone 06 Glaze Firing - 11/21/08

Clay: Low Fire White
Shelves: 3
Load: Student work - hand building, bowls, extruded round, tile
Complete Time: 8:09

Firing Schedule:


Special Note: 1) Used new under and over glazes - very good, 2) back down temps

NEMEN: Fri - 11.21.08

Northeast Metro Educators' Network - Technology Leaders Conference: listed below are my reflections, links, and information learned from this technology conference.

Digital Storytelling
Learned how to embed VoiceThread into the Stillwater/St. Paul Classroom Partnership joint websites

  • Will use Google Docs with my partnership teachers
  • Goggle Maps will help with my travels to the different elementary schools in St. Paul and Stillwater
  • Would like to connect Google calendar with my iCal calendar - will help my team know my schedule
  • Created an iGoogle page

Sunday, November 16, 2008

24 Pottery Students: Session #3

Tuesday - Applying Clear Glaze

This took us 3 hours to glaze, clean up, and load 75 pottery pieces! I don't think we realized how long it would take to complete the task.

Saturday Pottery Class: Session #3

Relationship Building: Yoga - a parent led us in many yoga poses while we waited for students to arrive.

Kiln Viewing - we walked down to a science room to see the kiln - I explained how it worked and answered questions

Pottery Wheel Demonstration - I threw a large vase, closed the top, and cut it off the wheel and cut it in half. I originally thought I would bring one whell for demonstration purposes. Later, I change my mind and brought in two of my wheels.

4 - Pottery Rotations

1) Add picture to frame and add string for hanging
2) Paint self hardening class from last time
3) Create with self hardening clay
4) Pottery wheel experience - I centered the clay - the students put a hole in the center and pulled the clay out. Everyone ended up having 2 turns at doing this

Final Reactions - I'm so glad I brought in an extra wheel. For some of these students, this was the first time they had ever been on a wheel. Their faces told the whole story. I talked to the principal about offering another wheel/hand building class - 2 sessions - smaller class size!

24 Excited Potters - Session #2

Tuesday - Bisque Firing
It took 2 hours to load and learn how to fire the kiln for the first time at Harambee - I had to go to Continental Clay to get the correct firing cones. I had to take some of the pottery home so my industrial strength fan could blow on the pieces overnight. I'm very surprised none of the pieces cracked in the bisque firing because some of them were very thick in spots. I put them in the kiln at my house and put them on a soak for 2 hours at 125 and then for 3 hours at 185. All of the pieces fired on Tuesday. All of the pottery pieces were close to - cone 04. They were cool enough to take out for the Sat morning class.

Saturday Pottery Class #2

Relationship Building Activities: Thumb Grab, Get to Know You Cards, Do This-Do That
Pottery Centers:

Paint Picture Frame (the principal took photos of the students at work)
Glaze Pottery
Create with Self Hardening Clay

Closing Activities: Group "Teddy Bear" Juggle

The students were very engaged the whole time. I was happy to see the principal helping out with relationship activities and helping the students with their projects - I didn't know she was the principal until the end of class.